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Event 24.5.2023

The next TRElixir event is on the at the Vincit city centre office, Technopolis Yliopistonrinne, Kalevantie 2, Tampere. The evening will start at 18.00. Free attendance. Between and after the talks there will be time to hang around and get to know other devs.

There is no food provided. There will be snacks and sodas, but if you need to eat properly, then please do that beforehand or bring some takeout with you. The aim here is to make arranging the event simpler and reduce food waste.

If you'd like to hold a lightning talk about something (5–10 minutes), it's possible! Contact Mikko Ahlroth with the details on the main page. Or come talk to him at the start of the event.

The event is graciously hosted by Vincit.

No signup is necessary for this event. You just show up!

The Vincit office is on the south end of the building on the 4th floor. The doors of Technopolis are locked at that time, so here is a guide to getting in:

  1. Go to the parking garage under the building, you can access it from the Ratapihankatu side.
  2. Find the D stairwell entrance.
  3. Go to the side of the stairwell where there is a doorbell. Use it to call our office.
  4. Enter when the door buzzes and use the stairs to walk up to the 4th floor. If you need to use the lift, please contact us beforehand, as the lift needs a key to operate.
  5. We'll get you inside from the stairwell, the office door is very close.


UTC Is Not Your Saviour

Mikko Ahlroth

Mikko Ahlroth, Vincit Oyj

Mikko works primarily as a full stack developer at Vincit, but on his free time has dabbled with Elixir since 2013. He has published some packages on hex.pm and runs Code::Stats on Phoenix.

MyProjectOS – A Viewpoint to Your Project

Mikko Ahlroth

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