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Event 21.9.2017

The first TRElixir event was on the 21st of September at Vincit premises in Hervanta, Tampere.

The event is graciously hosted by Vincit.


Why Elixir matters

Mikko Ahlroth

Mikko Ahlroth, Vincit Oyj

Mikko works primarily as a full stack developer at Vincit, but on his free time has dabbled with Elixir since 2013. He has published some packages on hex.pm and runs Code::Stats on Phoenix.

GenServer & Agent

Janne Tenhovirta

Janne Tenhovirta, Cybersoft

Janne mainly gets his hands dirty in .NET backend development at his job with Cybersoft, a subsidiary of Headpower. He feels they get dirtier when fiddling with the frontend. He first learned of Elixir's existence in 2015 and started to fool around with it in 2016.